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Clone A Willy Kit Deep Tone
Clone A Willy Kit Deep Tone

Clone A Willy Kit Deep Tone

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Color:Flesh brown
Flexibility: Firm
Material: Silicone
Controller: Built-In
Brand: Empire Labs
Him or Her: Male

Clone a Willy kit is a fun way to immortalize his best bits and she'll love this thoughtful keepsake that adds a cheeky twist to her kinky collection. This kit is available in a deep tone and makes an exact replica of his penis, which makes it the perfect wedding, anniversary, or birthday gift for her.

The deep tone hue lends a more realistic look to the Clone-a-Willy. It takes just 2 – 3 minutes to create this special piece. It sets in 24 hours, giving the user a perfectly molded toy that can also be transformed into a vibrator.