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Strap U Take The Rainbow Universal Harness – Rainbow
Strap U Take The Rainbow Universal Harness – Rainbow

Strap U Take The Rainbow Universal Harness – Rainbow

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Color: Rainbow
O-ring inner diameter: 3.17-3.81cm

This Rainbow Harness is perfect for pegging and strap-on play! It is compatible with most dongs and has 2 different silicone O-rings that fit around the base of any strapon dildo. With the wide, rainbow pattern, and nylon straps, you have the most support and durability in a harness! The wait adjusts from 28 inches to 56 inches in circumference and has a wide back strap that helps support the weight of heavier toys. For added comfort, there is a triangular pad in front of the pelvis that creates a cushion between the toy and your skin and also protects against abrasion or chafing. The harness is easy to adjust with plastic buckles that can be tugged and pulled to secure the perfect, snug fit! After play, spot clean as needed with mild soap and warm water and a damp cloth.

Add some flair into your pegging play with this Rainbow Harness! First, fit your favorite, flanged dildo into the O-ring and test the fit. It should stay put and not slip through the rings. If it does, you will need a smaller ring or a larger dildo. Then, secure the dildo in the ring and slide the harness on. Adjust the buckles to secure the perfect fit, then grab some lube and invite your partner to enjoy the ride!

Key Features:
Adjustable Straps: Easily adjust straps both before wear and during by pulling at the plastic buckles.
Padded for Comfort: Padding in front of the pelvis provides a bit of protection between the dildo and your skin.
Wide Back Strap for Support: The strap sits above the buttocks and crosses the hips for a little more back support. Perfect for heavier dildos!